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Journal Entry: Fri Feb 22, 2013, 11:33 AM
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  • Watching: The Vampire Diaries Season 1...AGAIN
  • Playing: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
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Rent needs to be paid so I am opening commissions.  



It's been awhile since I did commissions, so I want to easy into it and not have a list of 20 people waiting for their stuff to be finished U v U This is for everybody's benefit.

You should be aware that I am a college student and while I will try my very best to finish your order quickly, please try to be patient.

I will say that the absolute deadline is 1 and a half week. If I haven't updated you on your order, feel free to inquire and sent a note.

As soon as I'm done with all 5 slots, I will re-open commissions again. Keep checking my profile to see how the progress is going.

YUKI,OUT.  :iconokie2plz:

My Korra Picture Got Removed

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 2, 2012, 4:03 PM
  • Listening to: ''Magic'' The Jezabels
  • Reading: Klaroline Fanfics
  • Watching: The Vampire Diaries Season 1...AGAIN
  • Playing: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Coke
A member of staff has reviewed a report concerning this deviation and has determined that the character(s) depicted in a nude, erotic or sexually compromising situation are established as being under the age of 18 in their original context.

Official policy does not allow such depictions, so this deviation has been removed and should not be resubmitted.</s>

.....and should not be resubmitted

God,I just. Whoever reported this,thank you for being an A+ class douche,OK? Love ya,pal.

So Korra is 17,I realize that. In all seriousness though. I did not see anything erotic in that picture apart from her being topless. She was topless and you guys couldn't see anything apart from the back. I know other pictures here on DA that feature this, but will not go into detail in fear of their good artwork being removed too.

OK,next time I do something like that. I'll specifically say: ''OH and BTW Admins. This is me picturing Korra when she's 20.'' :iconsryyea:

SERIOUSLY DA? SERIOUSLY?  Well there you go guys. Now you know what happened,guys (for those who have been wondering where the hell the image is).

If you still want to be able to find the picture,go to my tumblr. I'll be forced to put a watermark on it though, but  what can I do?


Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 27, 2012, 2:59 PM
  • Listening to: ''Magic'' The Jezabels
  • Reading: Klaroline Fanfics
  • Watching: The Vampire Diaries Season 1...AGAIN
  • Playing: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Coke
I was tagged by ~Hirukio. Thank you for including me,bby! ♥

- Post these rules.
- Tell 10 things about yourself.
- Tag 10 friends.
- No tag backs. I refuse to go through this again,LOL.

Hope you guys learn something new about me ; v ; Have fun~

1.  Many of you probably don't know the origin of my DA username. Yukihyo means snow leopard in japanese and (SURPRISE)  it is my favorite animal,ever!

2. I practically never wear make-up! Natural beauty baby! :iconyeahplz:

3. Once I bought a kit kat that had no waffle inside it  and this is just one of MANY examples of how generally ''lucky'' I am in life.

4.  I somewhat dislike seagulls. They are super noisy and annoying. Pretty much wherever I lived there were seagulls.../CHOKES

5. I dream of being able to live off my art. Maybe as a storyboard artist or illustrator? :meow:

6.  I can't say that I'm good at cooking or baking, but I do make a damn good apple and cinnamon pie. Trust me. :icontrollface:

7. My mom was russian and my dad was from Egypt. When people look at me they tend to label me as someone from France of Spain OTL

8.  One of my favorite fairytales has always been ''Bluebeard.'' Nothing like reading about an eccentric man with a blue beard who's hobby is to chop up women who just can't let locked doors be. :iconsryyea:

9. I have an obsession with TV series. Series that I'm watching/re-watching include Supernatural/Sherlock/The Vampire Diaries/ Game of Thrones/ Teen Wolf/ Secret Circle/House/ Desperate Housewives. Right now I'm thinking I should start watching Doctor Who.

10. I sleep with my plushies. I have them all neatly organized so that they surround me when I sleep. Makes me feel safe and loved :iconpapcryplz:  BTW,I'm 19 soon to be 20. LOL

I Tag...:iconmeownyx: :iconvirensnova: :iconrosanova: :icon4907: :iconamaiawa: :iconloudcompany: :iconraspberryjupiter: :icontysirr: :iconky-sta: :iconmaria-minamino:
...and anybody else who would like to do it!

If you decide to do this please do link me, just...just because 8D

See ya guys!


Journal Entry: Sun May 27, 2012, 2:19 PM
  • Listening to: ''Never Let Me Go'' Florence + The Machine
  • Reading: Klaroline Fanfics
  • Watching: House, season 5
  • Playing: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Milk
Hello to all my Deviant Stalkers out there! I've missed DA community so much,you have no idea Q v Q

I'm sure some of you noticed I've been a bit on the 'dead' side when it comes to posting new artz. There's good reason for that. Well,actually. I'm pretty sure it's not a good enough reason,but it IS a reason nonetheless. I've got myself a new job. I started working since April 16th as an assistant to an art teacher at Junior High. The job's fun! IT IS! KIND OF. Not sure actually. But it pays me crappy money. Crappy money's always good to have U v U

Sorry I've been inactive on DA lately. All the work just made me so withdrawn and exhausted. Everyday interaction with SO many people/students at once proved to be nice but at the end of the day, I was just too shattered to do anything but the basics - sleep,eat, possibly do research on where I should be studying next year.

YES,I'm a huge introvert. Even with all my social skills,I'm still an introvert. I'm a Socially Lazy Sloth and Socially Awkward Penguin hybrid,whos also an introvert. WOW. Don't you guys feel like  Darwin in the Galapagos? :iconhurrdurrplz:

Anyway JUST when I actually had the time and desire to update my gallery,my wacom pen decided to freak out and not work. Specifically the tip of the pen. The eraser works however,which means there's a defect within the pen itself not the wacom settings on my computer. So I ordered a new pen on May 11th. It's now close to the beginning of June and my pen still hasn't arrived due to the nordic suppliers not having any in stock,which prolonged the process for so fawking long.

SILLY PROVIDERS :icontrollface:

BUT. It should arrive wednesday/thursday next week and then it's back to drawing guys.

ALSO. Apparently,while I was with an on and off relationship with DeviantArt during my mini-hiatus, my art got super popular beyond my wildest dreams? :iconpapcryplz: Two artworks specifically received enormous attention. The Avengers comic featuring Loki,Thor and Tony and my Loki chibi doodle. I just wanted to thank you all for giving me this huge support. I want you guys to know that while I'm not able to respond to each and every single comment, I did read ALL of them and they always brighten up my day. Thank you so much! ♥

I will be doing more Avengers art in the future,no doubt about that * v *


Journal Entry: Sat Apr 14, 2012, 3:54 AM
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  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Alice: Madness Returns
  • Eating: Sweets
  • Drinking: Multivitamin Juice

ADD ME: FelicisSilver4361

I GOT INTO POTTERMORE. And for any of you beta users who said things like ''It's not really worth it'' and ''You will be so disappointed.'' I've got news for you. I've never been happier. Pottermore is an amazing experience.

ALSO. For those of you who still remember my HP self - Angelina Barkow :

Angelina Barkowa by YukiHyo

HP: Gryffindor FAWK YEAH by YukiHyo

WELL GUESS WHAT. TROLOLOLOL. I got sorted into Slytherin. The complete OPPOSITE of what I had expected.For years I have associted myself with the house of Gryffindor. And when I heard of Pottermore I thought for sure I'd get a Gryffindor/Hufflepuff hatstall. AND THEN SUDDENLY SLYTHERIN :icontrollface: But I'm really happy. J.K.Rowling made the Sorting Hat quiz and I trust her judgement.

I'm very VERY excited /waits for her first successful potion to finish brewing itself. I will also have to redraw myself AHAHA /shot

OH,OH. Let's not forget about my wand!


Length:12 1/2 inches

Core: Dragon Heartstring

Wand Wood: Maple

Flexibility: Supple

The length: Very,VERY happy with the length of my wand. It's perfect for me. I was worried I might get a short wand, since I'm of average height but everything turned out to be great.

The core: As a rule, dragon heartstrings produce wands with the most power , and which are capable of the most flamboyant spells. Dragon wands tend to learn more quickly than other types. While they can change allegiance if won from their original master, they always bond strongly with the current owner.
The dragon wand tends to be easiest to turn to the Dark Arts, though it will not incline that way of its own accord. It is also the most prone of the three cores to accidents, being somewhat temperamental. It also tends to be lethally hazardous if combined with certain woods.

YES.YES.YES. I got my favorite core - Dragon Heartstring. I absolutely love dragons and really hoped for a dragonheartstring core.

Wand Wood: Maple

I have often found that those chosen by maple wands are by nature travellers and explorers; they are not stay-at-home wands, and prefer ambition in their witch or wizard, otherwise their magic grows heavy and lacklustre. Fresh challenges and regular changes of scene cause this wand to literally shine, burnishing itself as it grows, with its partner, in ability and status. This is a beautiful and desirable wood, and wand quality maple has been among the most costly for centuries. Possession of a maple wand has long been a mark of status, because of its reputation as the wand of high achievers.

I'm very happy with my wood.  It is also my wand wood by birth via the Celtic Calendar. AND I already considered myself having a maple wand / had this on her Angelina Barkow template.

Flexibility: Supple. It's like Harry Potter's wand.  Harry's wand was described as being "nice and supple." With 'whippy' being the easiest and fastest nature with which to master spells and the least powerful, and 'rigid' at the other end of the scale as the most challenging with which to master spells but the most powerful caster, the range is as follows:

- Whippy
- Swishy
- Flexible
- Springy
- Supple
- Sturdy
- Inflexible
- Rigid

So,from what I gathered that means my wand's flexibility is somewhat perfectly in balance? Good to know,good to know.

ALSO. Found this interesting piece of unofficial wand lore information :

Supple: Good for protective and defensive magic. Kind and Protective.

SO YES! I have only one friend on Pottermore so far, my best friend a fellow Slytherin. I'd like to make friends with every house though /is all for house unity




A New Bandwagon Account!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 4:36 PM
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  • Playing: Alice: Madness Returns
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Hi ya'll! On a whim I decided to make a new,special DA account. My new account is ~phloxnova!

Don't worry. ~Yukihyo! is still going to be my main account for a long time, until the premium membership runs out at least. And that is like 18 months! :iconsryyea:

Just thought you should know. I won't be posting a lot of my art on there, not until I fully switch accounts. If I do it will most likely be bandwagon stuff but feel free to Devwatch me there if you'd like!~ ♥

That's all for now! :iconpapcryplz:

Dear Princess Celestia...

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 27, 2012, 12:24 PM
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  • Watching: Thor
  • Playing: Dragon Age: Origins
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... I dislike chain letters. 'Nuff said. Especially those ones where someone ''brilliant'' tends to put  something like ''...and if you don't spread this then you're this and that or someone will die and you don't care because you're a @**#%^.'' It is a huge waste of valuable time for everyone and it is the worst thing since the history of worse.

So yes. Chain letters - huge NO NO in my book~ ♥

On the other hand, I had a derp moment when taking a walk yesterday. I was passing by a house with a see-through entrance/door and there was a dude inside, standing in a very still,mannequin like manner. I stared at him intently and passed by, debating whether that was a real man or not (Cause I kind of felt watched you know and you couldn't see anything clearly through the glass).

And then I was like ''FAWK IT,let's go back and have a look.'' And the dude changed his position and turned out to be alive.

We shared this intense,awkward stare and he had this amused look on his face like ''BITCH,CAN I HELP YOU?''

or something along those lines. And then I couldn't take it anymore and started laughing like it was the end of the world (not sure if one would laugh at the end of the world,but ey you never know :iconwthplz: ) and just turned around like a boss and went about my business.

SO YES,Princess Celestia.  I think I've established that chain letters suck and I can't tell a difference between a mannequin and a real,living human being :iconsryyea:

Your fail student, Yuki

P.S. :icontrollface:

2000 watchers!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 26, 2012, 11:28 PM
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  • Playing: Dragon Age: Origins
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Hello guys! Today I've finally hit my 2000 watchers mark! ; v ; I am so so so happy! Seriously,you have no idea :iconwthplz:

I would like to say thank you to all of my watchers who supported  me and my art these two years. It means a lot to me and I really appreciate each fave,each comment,each page view and each Devwatch! :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz:  2000 watchers is  a huge number for me since I don't consider myself to be anything special compared to so many talented artists here on DA+!  ; V ;

Now excuse me as I go roll on the floor and giggle like a little girl! /HAPPY YUKI IS HAPPY :iconheeplz:

Which Mane Six Pony are you? ( MLP Test)

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 25, 2012, 11:43 AM
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  • Playing: Dragon Age: Origins
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A fun test I stole from :iconzizanchan:

Twilight Sparkle:
[x] You have a huge collection of books.
[x] You value your alone time.
[x] You have trouble making friends.
[x] You are very intelligent. (LMAO. At least people tell me so)
[ ] You write letters regularly.
[/] You find a lesson in everything.
[x] You have trouble doing things "the old-fashioned way."
[ ] You've recently moved to a new town.
[x] You're rather sarcastic.
[ ] You're often accused of being a know-it-all.

Total: 6.5

Pinkie Pie:
[x] You're the black sheep of the family.
[ ] You're majorly hyper.
[x] You love to siiiing!
[ ] You're known for throwing great parties!
[ ] You're great at baking.
[ ] Ponies sometimes don't get your jokes.
[ ] You're a prankster.
[ ] You're a super-intense personality.
[ ] You have strange pets.
[x] You are known to go to extremes.

Total: 3

[x] You're very stubborn.
[ ] You find great joy in working.  
[ ] You prefer the country to the city.
[x] You speak with an accent
[x] You HATE cheating.
[x] You have freckles.
[x] You prefer casual wear rather than flashy things.
[x] You wear your hair in a ponytail. (It's short now,but when it's long 90 percent of the day I wear it in a ponytail <3)
[x] You have a large family.
[x] You have trouble lying.

Total: 8

Rainbow Dash:
[x] You love winning.
[ ] You like sports.
[ ] You have a funky hair color.
[x] You have fangirl(colt) tendencies.
[x] You have no problem speaking your mind
[x] You will give up anything for your friends.
[x] You like being recognized for good things.
[x] You have no problem being 'one of the guys'.
[x] You act now, think later.
[ ] You're very brave.

Total: 7

[ ] You love being the center of attention.
[ ] You have a cat.
[ ] You sew well.
[ ] It's well-known that you're somewhat vain.
[x] You love the excitement of the city!
[x] You will overwork yourself to do something nice for your friends.
[ ] You wear makeup.
[ ] You're prone to whining.
[ ] You have expensive tastes.
[ ] You enjoy 'filly-time.' ( LMAO.What?)

Total: 2

[/] You HATE being the center of attention.
[/] You struggle with sharing your mind.
[x] You love animals and help them however you can.
[ ] You're graceful.
[ ] You're very quiet or soft-spoken.
[ ] You have a secret mean-streak.
[ ] You've been told you could model.
[ ] You're the eldest of your friends.
[ ] You like wearing your hair loose and long.
[x] You're very nurturing

Total: 3

HAH! I knew it. I got Applejack! :'D Applejackisthebestponyofthemanesix /shot by bronies

Rainbowdash was close to winning though. And so was Twilight Sparkle. But to be completely honest I'm probably a AppleSparkle combination with a bit of Dash in there! :iconsryyea:

Cross Out What You've Done

Fri Jan 20, 2012, 5:38 AM
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Found this via Tumblr and decided to do it,simply because I'm bored 8D

graduated high school.
kissed someone.
gotten so drunk you passed out.
collected something really stupid..
gone fishing.
watched four movies in one night.
gone long periods of time without sleep.
lied to someone.
snorted cocaine.
failed a class.
dealt drugs.
been in a car accident.
been in a cyclone.
done drugs.
watched someone die.
been to a funeral.
burned yourself.
cried yourself to sleep.
spent over $200 in one day.
flown on a plane.
written a 10 page letter.
gone skiing.
been sailing.
had a best friend.
lost someone you loved.
shoplifted something.
been to jail.
dangerously close to being in jail.
had detention.
skipped school.
got in trouble for something you didn't do.
gone to a different country
dropped out of a school.
been in a mental hospital.
been close to going into a mental hospital.
watched the "harry potter" movies.
had an online diary.
fired a gun.
gambled in a casino.
had a yard sale.
had a lemonade stand.
actually made money at the lemonade stand.
been in a play.
taken a lie detector test.
swam with dolphins.
gone to sea world.
voted for someone on a reality tv show
read more than 20 books a year
used a coloring book over age 12.
gone to Europead stitches.
taken a taxi.
seen the Washington Monument.
had more than 5 im's/online conversations going at once.
almost overdosed.
had a drug or alcohol problem.
been in a fist fight.
used a credit card.
gone surfing in California.
done "spirit day" at school
dyed your hair.
gotten a tattoo.
had something pierced.
gotten straight a's.
known someone with hiv or aids.
started a fire.
gotten caught having/going to a party while parents were gone
gotten a hickey

New Tumblr Artblog

Mon Jan 16, 2012, 4:45 PM
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Hi ya'll! Created a new tumblr account where I'm only going to post art and none of my fandom/likes/dislikes shit.  

I'm planning on posting a lot of work there,including finished works,wips and sketches and all that jazz ♥

The new tumblr account has the same tumblr URL, but for safety I'll post a link here so you can go and follow me there if you'd like -------->

EDIT: The new link works now * v * sorry for the trouble

So just to be clear of all misunderstandings:

The OLD blog is now :…
The NEW:

:iconimpervyplz: Thank you for your attention!

WISHLIST! &#9829;

Sun Oct 23, 2011, 5:44 PM
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Hi guys! Here is my wishlist for :iconmini-santa-2011:

Thank you so much for inviting me! :iconrainbowtearplz:


Dear Secret Santa
I would be very happy if you could draw me one of the characters from my wishlist! :iconitalyplz:

Original Characters

I have quite a lot to choose from! * v *

Vasirisa -  MiniSpris: Risa by YukiHyo

MS: Mission 1 by YukiHyo MS: Artdump by YukiHyo MiniSpris: Vasirisa by YukiHyo

The jellyfish/mermaid/fish maiden....thing. You may recognize her from the popular group :iconminispris: Her application contains all the information you might need (personality/behaviour patterns/friends/ect) ♥

Angelina Barkova - HP: Gryffindor FAWK YEAH by YukiHyo…

Not so much of an OC as more of my HP series persona. If you're going to draw Angelina,please include her pet stoat Damon with her as he is seen with her at all times ♥

Note: The stoat is seen on the second picture linked in the journal,but I've never drawn it myself. Here are pictures of a real life stoat.

Stoat pictures:…………

Blixt - X-Men First Class: Blixt by YukiHyo

X-Men: First Class OC. She too has a mini-dossier so you guys will have something to work with. If you're going to draw Blixt,I would really like to see her use her powers in action. A tiny lightning bolt or an electric spark in her hair will do just fine ♥

Games Fanart

Oh yeah guys! I'm a HUGE  game-nerd :icontrollface: For the following games,seeing as they are RPG based and allow for personal character creation,I would like for my personal character to be included * v * All pictures of personal in game OC's will be uploaded later.

NOTE: For all couples PG-13 is just fine! * v *

Mass Effect 2 (Couple picture):

Thane Krios  x my custom Commander Shepard -  Thane Krios by captdiablo………………

Custom Commander Shepard:

Hair color:  Dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Outfit: Mid-length black leather party dress shown in the pictures………………

I adore Thane Krios. The character is one of my favorites in ME2. If you're going to draw Thane I would like for my specific female Commander Shepard to be with him (seeing as I've just finished the game and romanced him :> ) I'll upload a picture of her tomorrow.

Dragon Age: Origins:

Zevran Aranai x customized DA character: Zevran by uuyly

Custom DA Character:

Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: green with black slits
Outfit: Light leather armor as shown in the pictures,bow doesn't have to be included :3……………………

Zevran. Yet ANOTHER assassin. I seem to have a thing for those XD Again if you want to draw Zevran,please include my original DA:Origins character with him as well ♥

Dragon Age 2 :

Fenris x Custom Female Hawk - Fenris-MEG by Jhourney

Fenris Dragon age II by sakimichan
DA2 Fenris by sandara
Fenris by maruhana-bachi

Custom Female Hawk:

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Bright blue
Outfit: Bethany Hawke outfit shown in the pictures………

Fenris! Another elf DA character :'D Please include my original DA 2 character with him,thank you ♥

I hope you will have fun drawing any of these requests! Thank you Santa,thank you very much! :iconloveloveplz:


Journal Entry: Sun Oct 23, 2011, 4:09 PM
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Good news everyone! I have internet! I really should've updated this like a week ago,but life isn't easy like that XD

To refresh your memory ,I moved out from my  place and moved to a school with dorms. I had no internet for almost 2 months and it was difficult....Very difficult OTLLLLL

BUT all is well and happy and I can finally catch up with all my DA stuff now! > w < And those commissions :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz: /punted to death by commissioners

So sorry guys! TT O TT

WELL,that's all for now! I'm in hiatus mode no longer. Yuki is back and she's here to stay! :iconyeahplz:


L-LMAO. Apparently while I was internetless  I've missed :iconvoleros-saga: activity check and got kicked from the group. OTLLLL Sad really,but I can't do anything about that. Sure as hell ain't gonna start sending them notes with excuses. I'm pretty sure they have enough of those by now :iconmadlynotimpressedplz:

MOVING OUT aka Dormitory timez!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 21, 2011, 4:50 AM
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HI HI! :icontearplz:

So as some of you may know,I newly graduated from  high school and was accepted at a college not far away from my town~ ♥

There I'm going to study art,photography,ceramics and textile  and akdlkfudg; SO SO excited about this! This also means that I'll be moving out my safe hermit shell at home and venture out into the world of DORMS :iconohohoplz: Internet will be available at school but not at the dorms :icony-u-noplz: (for now) so I'm sorry if I'll be slow to reply to your comments,messages and what-not.

Hopefull I fix this issue soon o v o;

TO MY COMMISSIONERS. I only have two commissions left,one of which is already on it's way to be finished. As soon as I'll have access to internet I'll let you guys know. Thank you for your patience! :iconcryforeverplz:


Journal Entry: Wed Jul 27, 2011, 8:20 PM
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note me

Thank you to everybody who commissioned me,it's been great fun to do these! It was also nice to know that people out there actually want art from me and are willing to support me through the less fun periods of my life :icontearsofjoyplz:

Also while I know that I may not always reply to your comments and such,I do enjoy your feedback and it means a great deal to me!  ;  A  ; So thank you for being there :)

I still have a few commissions left to finish - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your patience guys! With the summer holidays I thought I was gonna be quick about these but as usual DISTRACTIONS DISTRACTIONS -cough cough- Too much Dragon Age and Alice:Madness Returns for me  :iconimhappyplz:

They will be finished however in the next two weeks,so don't worry! :iconyeahplz:

Also commissions won't be closed forever! I'll probably need more money later on,since i'm starting College August 22nd :iconimhorrifiedplz:

Hopefully after finishing these I'll get more time to work on my own personal art,I feel like I haven't drawn in ages OTL


Journal Entry: Sat Jul 23, 2011, 6:54 PM
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PFFFF! Ohai my trusted followers! :iconloveloveplz:

Things have been going pretty good for me. For those of you who have commissioned me,I know I'm quite slow at getting them done and all,but it's actually going pretty well now. I have only a few of them left! O v O

I've also gotten myself a new laptop :iconiseeplz: Now my art shall progress much,much faster as Photoshop doesn't crash on me every 20 minutes or so like it did on my last one. God the joy of being able to run Photoshop and other softwares/programs simultaneously!  Hallelujah! :iconyeahplz:

On a LESS happy note, I've got another person using my artwork without my permission and the obvious FAIL of it is so obvious,I'm actually crackin' up here guys. No really :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz:

Stolen artwork piece THIS time is :… AND apparently she added a balloon sweet and thoughtful of her :icontrollface:

ORIGINAL piece here:



Anyway,for those of you who have time and energy I would really appreciate reporting the piece. Comments and negativity is unnecessary as it will only be a waste of your precious time. I doubt the person will magically change their ways and be better right anyway :iconimhappyplz:


Thank you :icondreamgirl2007: for letting me know about this! I'm so thankful to you  and others who warn me about these things,thank you! :iconcryforeverplz:

COMMISSIONS [ Price Info and Details]

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OHAI PEOPLE! Here's everything you need to know about my commissions :3 If you still have any questions feel free to note or comment on the journal post.

What I will be offering:

Tangled: Let Me Love You by YukiHyoBelle: WTF is this BS? by YukiHyo Commission: Leinef by YukiHyoSPN: Mikaela Jones Chibi by YukiHyo DW: Amy Pond by YukiHyo Angelina Barkowa by YukiHyo

♥ Chibis of all kinds!  - 10 USD for a chibi. Additional chibi cost extra. So 1 chibi + 1 chibi =  20 USD.

Parables: Korbin ''D'' Wulf by YukiHyoVolsa: FemKron by YukiHyoHatsune Miku: Playing Flute by YukiHyoRapunzel by YukiHyo Frozen: Princess Anna by YukiHyo LOK: Earthbender OC by YukiHyo Asami's Sexy and You Know It by YukiHyo  Naruto OC Timeline: Asakura Rina by YukiHyo

♥ Fullbodies! -  35 USD for one fullbody. Additional character costs extra. So 1 chara + 1 chara = 70 USD.

What I will and will not draw:

LMAO. I'm pretty desperate so I don't really know if this is appropriate. You should know that I'm not really good with drawing mecha stuff,old,wrinkly people and overmuscled characters. Slight ecchi is ok,but no hardcore porn plz! :icontearplz:


Commission Form:

If you've decided to commission me you have to sent me a note with the title ''Commission'',having filled with this form below:

Commission type: Chibi,Fullbody?
Character ref(s): ( Fullbody's are preferred. If your planning on commissioning a fullbody it's a definite must.)
Other details: ( Character personality, small things you want to have in the picture,ideas for poses,ect.)

If I decide to accept your commission,I'll send you my paypal address. ♥

Additional info:

* Payment comes first and I won't start until you paid me. Asking for wips is very welcomed :'D
* You may post the image on DA,but you have to give me credit for the work. If you wish to post my work outside DA credit goes for that as well,but I would also appreciate a link to the site :'D -curious to where her art may be uploaded-
* Resolution will be 300dpi


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So I'm pretty sure that most of you have already read my amazing,super retarded rant on DA  regarding my internet problem LMAO. XD

Like I said,I ain't really got a job and it sure ain't easy getting one. But I might open up chibi commissions and even more (fullbodies,couples,ect)?

They'd be cheap,since I need to make lots of cash at a fast rate OTL


Thank you kindly,Yuki :iconcryforeverplz:


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LMAO. No. I'm not leaving DA.

Nope. No one's dying of cancer or any other nasty diseases.

I'll tell you what's happening though.


The wireless network I used before got secured one happy day so now I'm without internet, which  for me is like basically  being cut of from the rest of the world. Thank god for the internet and free computer access at school. :icontearplz:

Funny part is that,my mother has internet still. Since she's using this mobile USB modem. But she won't share it with me and she won't let me buy my own one since it's expensive apparently.

I'd buy it with my own money that I earned last summer doing garden work at a local cemetery but she took that money away from me,saying she's taking it as a compensation for paying my phone bills. ( Let me tell you that she proposed to do so in the first place) :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz:

So yes. Internetless and without solutions. I have no job atm,so I have no idea when I'll be able to have internet again. :icontrollfaceplz:

GOODBYE UNTIL THEN! I LOVE YOU ALL! :iconcryforeverplz:

P.S I'll be able to get online at school now and then,so don't worry. I'm not going to disappear completely XD


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The Rules:

1)Post these rules.
2)Each chosen person must post five favorite character and anime and manga in their journal.
3)Choose ten friends and put their icon on the same page.
4)Go to their page and send a message saying you Chosen them.

Favourite characters: (URGH,killin' me here. There are so many characters I love > A < )
1) Tao Ren
2) Himura Kenshin
3)Edward Elric
4) Chrno from Chrno Crusade
5) Asakura Hao

Favourite manga:
1)Rurouni Kenshin
2) Fullmetal Alchemist
3) Magic Knight Rayearth
4) Shaman King
5) LOL anything shoujo romantic for the lulz. Like Parfait Tic or The Bride of The Water God.

Favourite anime:
1) Spirited Away (Not really a series but it's an animated movie so it works? <3 )
2) Hakuouki
3) Panty and Stocking With Garter-belt (Because it's made of EPIC)
4) Puella Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
5) I like both manga and anime,but somehow I always end up reading manga more than watching stuff xD